Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ultra Reviews: Ja Kel Daily Dot Com

I'm glad to say my John Chow Dot Com review has brought me some new readers and I'm starting to get suggestions and and ideas flowing already from readers, which is great. One of the people that contacted me was Jason Neuman, who also follows John Chow and views him as a mentor in making money online. I checked out Jason's blog and have enjoyed the viewpoint of someone who is closer to my level and trying to accomplish some goals that John Chow and others on that level have achieved. Jason has also adopted John Chows method of getting links back to his blog. Jason's Ja Kel Daily Dot Com eventually wants to make money and is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog. I was surfing through his blog and liked the layout and navigation of the site, combined with some good reads. I particularly liked his blog "Bloggers are Millionaire's - When to Quit" which takes a look at peoples expectations when they start a blog, and why some people give up so easily. It also provides some great tips on how to handle frustration when trying to build a blog and how to handle the temptation to just give up on blogging. I recommend this site as a good read for anyone who is starting out, and needs some direction and tips on how to stay on track with their blog.

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Jason Neuman said...

Thanks for the review and I have returned the favor batch 5