Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BlogRush doesn't like us anymore, do they still like you?

Well about a month or so ago, blogrush hit the scene, and spread like wildfire across almost every blog i came across. Great idea, bring more people to everyones blogs so we all benefit, awesome, we're always cool with that. After awhile, it was apparent that they were overloaded with new members signing up, spammers of course joining in, so they had to get things cleaned up. At first they were rolling out more features like a better selection of colors for their widget and such, cool, integrating colors is great. Next up they talked about TONS of new categories coming our way, good deal, we can pin point what section our blog should be in even better. THEN the big one, they were doing a massive clean up, totally MANUAL reviews of sites, etc. Welll that sounded great, cheaters and scammers suck and make it harder for those of us who bust ass because we have to, and because we can't afford to have our shit shut down and lose it all. Anyway, Blogrush's big cleanup hit, and it seems like a LOT of people, (including us) got left out in the cold. Now it's fine if certain blogs were kept out due to a violation of their terms or something, but we run a variety of blogs from this one, to cell phone news, to reality TV, to an entertainment site, and not 1 of them has been approved. It would also be nice if they gave us a REASON for not being approved, other than "You're not approved." I've read some places saying that money making blogs were hit, well this blog is just a record of what we're doing to make money, a business journal if you will, so we really don't know what's going on with this new strict stuff. Either way, we had Blog Rush on all of our blogs, and were looking forward to seeing it help us even more, but who knows if blogrush is going to keep all of us out, or if they will realize that they might be going overboard in the strict department. Odd thing about all this is, we received an email from BlogRush saying we were IN....but then upon logging in to, all our blogs show up as not approved. So who knows what is going on, but hopefully it can be fixed and it can still be a helpful program!

Monday, October 1, 2007, One Step Closer to the Traffic We Need to Our Blogs?

As some of you have read before, I enjoy learning about the various ways that other people are making money on the net, either with web sites or blogs. These days I mainly check out and of the biggest money makers on the net. So when I hear both of these guys endorse something, I know its at least worth me looking into it. Some, or actually a lot of the programs they use are strictly meant for the big time sites and blogs that are pulling in hundreds of thousands of visitors, but a few weeks back I read about on in passing, and didn't give it much thought. Then after seeing that ShoeMoney had also mentioned it, I gave it a look. Turns out the program is free, easy to install, and is all about bringing bloggers traffic, and traffic means money, so of course that grabbed my interest. Basically you sign up, which takes no time, pick your category, and that's really about it. You install their widget on your blog, and you're done. The widget shows headlines from other blogs in your category, and thus your headlines show on other peoples blogs. You earn credits each time your blog is viewed, and credits mean your headlines get shown more and more on other peoples blogs. Also if people sign up for blogrush via the widget on your blog, they will be "under" you, and they will also earn you credits for more views to your blog. All this basically means that it's set up to bring your blog the most traffic possible. All this seems like a great program, and after reading about the recent work they're doing on it to improve it even more, such as adding more widget colors, adding more categories to put your blog in, and manual approval which will weed out spammers and blogs that are trying to cheat the system, the people behind blogrush seem to be all about keeping everyone informed, and listening to what the members want. I'm looking forward to see what this program can really do, once its been going for a good while and they've added all the features and fixes that they want to have going. If your interested in checking it out, just look at the blogrush widget on the right, and click on the "Add Your Blog Posts Free" to sign up.