Monday, March 19, 2007

Simply Stated...

I ran across a short and simple article on making money (a six figure income specifically) with your home based business from Business Program Reviews. It goes right along with what I've said in my previous posts about people not getting or wanting to get the knowledge that is necessary to succeed in what they are doing. Patience is a huge factor in home based business. I've seen people literally drop hundreds of dollars into a program because they believe every word they've been told about how "You'll be buying your dream car" and "You and me will be walking the beach together." Uh, that's nice to fantasize about, but I've learned that there has to be something fishy about this guy I met 10 minutes ago telling me how excited he is to talk on a beach with me, and if he's been doing this and is so rich already, why isn't he on the beach already?? (I'm sure some of you have been in situations like this when your being told about some GREAT program that will make you RICHER than Rich.) Luckily I don't fall for that type of stuff anymore, but i know people and even family members that have and still do. Then reality hits, you've been doing this program for 3-4 months, or even less, and you have no money, so what is the answer? Usually just drop it and hope the next "big thing" is better than this one. It's an ongoing cycle of "Get Rich Quick" mentality. The first key in getting into a program or starting a business is knowledge. You have to know exactly what you're getting into and THEN decide if it's for you, only after you know all the details you can.

After some mild success with my website, I've had people who are in similar businesses or own websites and are trying to achieve the same things I am, ask me how I do it or what I do. Well when i reveal that I spend hours doing link building and exchanges, and read entire lessons full of pages on just one small topic that has to do with what I"m working on at the time with my site, they either don't believe me, or get inspired to follow what I'm doing, then run out of gas and just give up. So basically to succeed, you have to learn various areas of how to make money with your business, and then put it all together. Having someone help you who is knowledgeable in the area and can pass along good info. is great if you can get it, I've gotten great help in various money related subjects from my webmaster G.C., and have learned a great amount, as where others are just too lazy to do all the work or they look for a shortcut that they THINK will accomplish something. I"m 100% against the shortcuts. Too much of a chance to get penalized somehow and destroy your entire business. Hard work and consistency is the only way to make it.

I want to reference another outstanding article from Business Program reviews, this one explaining How to Start Working From Home. They list things that I have done and have worked for me. And this article also explains, that contrary to what the majority of people think of "working from home" or "online business," it is still WORK, and LOTS of work if you plan on making this your primary business. Remember, there is competition out there, and they're not going to wait around while you sleep and watch TV all day. I can tell just by the way people question me at times, that they think sitting at the computer all day isn't a "real job." Well I can tell you it is if you make it a real job. As stated in the above article, sometimes you can do all the right things and get off to a great start, and STILL not be making money, simply because more work is required.

Hopefully this will give any of you who have just started out with your business or those of you who have started but haven't found direction yet on how to get things rolling. It took me a little over a year to get a direction and find out exactly WHAT I needed to be doing, but actively searching for good info. such as the articles I've provided should start things out on the right foot, and once your focus and determination to make it work are there, you can build upon that solid foundation that has been built.

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