Monday, March 19, 2007

Starting at the BOTTOM...

So today, it feels like a new beginning for me, after being away a week house sitting for some friends, and my fiance being off of work for spring break, reality hits that I'm back to my normal life and I'm looking at where i stand. As i stated in my first blog, I lost my "day job" as of last week, and I start this week with my online business being my primary income for the first time in my life. It's a good and bad feeling i guess, being that my day job was a hassle to deal with and very unstable, but it was also my main source of money so adjustments have to be made. As thing stand now, I'm making a small amount from my business, my fiance has a good job, but it will barely cover our bills right now (but this will hopefully improved as we are 2 payments away from paying off our installment loan,) and we live with my Mom in my Grandmas old house since my Mom and Dad are getting divorced and my mom was willed this house by my Grandma. So basically, I'm at the bottom of the barrel right now, barely making it, but I'm not afraid to admit it get to work. So this with this blog i wanted to put down my current situation, so I can look back in a few months and see that I'm doing better. I find that in times like this, I seem to get more work done in a day, because its motivating to have the need and want to make things better. Right now, I've just set some small goals that I'd like to achieve, like covering bills, and being able to buy groceries and such without having to worry about money. Sure me and my fiance have big dreams like many do about future vacations and things of that nature, but right now we're being realists and hoping to achieve minor goals like being able to move out and have a place of our own, and have some financial security.

There have been a few other times when we've had to worry about finances and making it, and have even overheard family members saying I need to "Get out and get an F'n job," in reference to me working and putting time into my website (which obviously isn't good enough for some people.) But I've learned to turn that type of thing around and use it as motivation to work twice as hard at my business and make good things come of it. Sure I could go scrub toilets or flip burgers at a job I hated, and make myself miserable, all for more money than what I have now. But, as I said before, those of us with the "vision" can see that we are building something much bigger, more stable, and something that we can own, without the worry of a boss walking and and firing you for whatever reason, and having your whole world turned upside down.

So now I have it down, I'm at the bottom and ready to move upward, this is the starting point of working for myself officially, and relying on my business to at least get us to a "living without worry" stage. I"m trying everything even outside of sales from my site, since my rankings in Google have dropped earlier this month (at the worst possible time), including AdSense, Amazon Affiliate Ads, Auction Ads, and blogging. I'm aiming to bring in enough income to pay for groceries and a place to live (even renting a duplex would be suffice right now,) so small goals are just fine right now, nothing fancy, just want to get by on my own, without the help of people who didn't want to give it anyway. Upwards I go...I hope!

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