Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unintentional Typo Domains and Longtail Keywords

One thing I like to do is collect keyword relevant domains. I have a running list of keywords I am looking for and update it when certain ones are available. Keep in mind I develop every site I register, and I go for generic phrases. There is no "squatting" involved.

Unfortunately my laziness has caused some unwanted registrations. This is due to typos and errors copying and pasting names,etc. Typo domains can be useful and valuable- IF they are generic and usually very short. In other words, the type of word that might get type-in traffic and likely misspelled or misstyped.

However, I made this careless mistake with 3-4 long longtail keyword domains. Let's say I researched the keyword "classic digital widgets" and meant to register classicdigitalwidgets.com, but instead I registered classicdigtalwidgets.com.. Sucks. And I didn't catch it until a few weeks later. I COULD still develop that domain, but it would be a waste of time if the correct one is available.

The good news is I've only done this a couple times and they were during sale ( 99cents, usually) registrations. But if you are going to do anything seriously in business, PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS! You don't have to be a perfectionist- that can be wasteful. However, avoid really stupid mistakes and careless errors.