Monday, April 2, 2007

Finding Motivation, Do It or Go Flip Burgers!

So I find myself here in the same position pretty much, Google hasn't brought back any of my previous keyword ranks, so I'm having to scramble to make up for it with any PPC i can, and keep building and working all I can. Problem is, sometimes I'm just here doing nothing, when in the back of my mind I know I should, and I know i should be using my time more wisely. With the position I'm in now, I've got free time to do all the work I want and not have to worry about getting some 9-5 burger flipping job to get by. I've even taken up some link work that will pay me for submitting links to directories and is a generous compensation for that type of work. So basically last night, after a convo. with my business partner, realization set in that right now I don't have my former income from my unreliable day job, my credit is good, but I cant live off credit, so why am I not in super work mode and doing the directory submission work that's sitting in my lap. Its at the point where I have to ask myself, do the work that you like doing from right here on the computer? Or go flip burgers and take orders from some schmuck who's telling you when to come and go, what days your working, etc. I am not the type who wants to be told what to do, and I like working for myself, but as I stated in my blog about working from home, I need to take my own advice and put the work in. Right now I'm getting by, but if I ever want to get married, have my own place, and be truly financially independent, AND do it from home on my own time with my own business, the work has got to be done, and it has to be done daily. The directory submission work is there, in my lap, all that's left is for me to do my part and get it done.

So after the conversation last night and thinking about all the things that COULD happen if I didn't get some financial independence, and realizing if I didn't get off my ass and DO it I'd be flipping burgers and I'd lose the battle to not get a 9-5 job that I'd hate, I finally got it together today n did some directory work and made some $. I find one big trick for me personally, is throwing a CD in the computer, letting the music play, and get your blood pumpin some, and I find myself gettin work done steady. I think TV is too distracting with its visuals, doing work in silence is too boring, but music gets the job done for me and I find myself working at a steady pace. Now I figure if I can do this daily, and get at least a couple of hours of work in, I can be making money on the side with directories, hopefully with this blog, and my phone website as well. So now I'm on a mission to make as much as money as I can on the side, while waiting for search engines to wake up and get some good rankings back. All I know is, if I can have a day like i did today, then I shouldn't be sitting on my ass doing nothing, because it's not hard to get a couple of hours of solid work in, especially when your riding the line of success or failure!

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