Thursday, January 8, 2009 Returns Home, and The Journey Continues.

It's been a few months since I've updated here, and there's no better time for an update being that I recently was able to secure my original website,, after having sold it a few years ago, which i wrote of in my very first post here on Ultra Business Ramblings. As explained in my first blog, I sold after accepting an offer from an interested party who had seen the work and presence in search engines we had achieved with it. Well I guess after a couple of years, the person did nothing with it, it became available again, and we have now secured it and plan to bring it back to it's original level of success, and even further. This is a big thing to make a nice profit off hard work on a site, then be able to bring our flagship site back into our family of business sites.

Aside from the return of MuellerDeals, it's been more of the same as far as keeping focus on building and improving money making sites, and getting college classes under my belt. College is still something to do on the side to help me through this building period until sites are making sufficient money. So that's my Business Ramble for now, I'll be back in the next few hours or so with news on the BlogRush, which I've posted on before here, but I'll only be posting one more time on it from the looks of things.

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