Monday, March 3, 2008

Business Building, College, Marriage.....Time to Update!

Time to get this blog updates, as it's been neglected for awhile now, just because life has been very busy. As I've posted here before, I'm back in college, while balancing keeping all my online businesses running smoothly while growing at the same time, and I even got a week long marriage and honeymoon in there! The base of making it all happen was the college decision. Basically, I run my websites in hopes of making grants and loans are there for the taking, and that money will help you go to school and get educated in your field (mine being e-commerce of course,) so why the hell would you not take the free money, get the education, and just run full speed from there. You're getting paid to get educated, which only helps you do more and make more down the line. Anyone who says free college money is for losers, must just enjoy making life harder on them self. The extra cash from school has helped greatly while I continue to work towards building my streams of income from online business. School does take up some time that could normally be used working on directory submitting, blogging, etc., but I've also noticed that by not having all that free time, I tend to think up a LOT more ideas about things I need to do or could do. Many times I'll have assignments due, and I'll just brainstorm what I'd do on a blog or something if I had that time free. Then when I do find some free time from school, I get the blog post up, so things have been productive on all fronts. I'm hoping when school is done, I can be more productive and get a lot more things done.

One major change that I haven't been a part of as far as "hands on" goes, but does affect me, and I've enjoyed watching, is the transformation/merger of Cognigen, the company I've been a member of for years, and which the company that brings together all the telecom services I offer, to Commission River. The new management team has come along, and brought a ton of much needed updates and improvements, which has given me a much needed boost to once again dedicate more time to working on selling more telecom services. Cognigen has always been a reliable company that always paid and I never had to question the integrity of the company. It simply had become outdated and behind the times. I think in order to keep selling agents happy, the company has to give us the latest tools, and show them they really want to help them succeed, which is exactly what the new team is doing. Luckily, I had the patience to learn about Cognigen, and was lucky enough to find some people already in Cognigen, who were willing to help and get me going. Once I was in, it was hard to get someone else in the company, and have to explain everything to them, without a whole lot of tools or references from the company. I think Commission River will not only help new agents understand how to get started, but will also deliver everything that veteran agents need to promote the products, and make the sales. I've had my cell phone site now for a few years, but this change in management, and their motivation for the company, has me wanting to work more and expand out with our VOIP services, and eventually our new service, which is credit card ordering and comparison. With all this going on, I'm hoping to get some free time to update this blog more, and keep a record of my progression, as I now have a few streams of income finally coming in, so all the working and waiting is slowly showing some pay off, so with patience and even more hard work, the progression I've made in a few months, will soon start snowballing into something bigger.

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